Back Pain FAQs

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Back Pain FAQs and Answers from our College Park Chiropractor

Back pain sufferers frequently have questions about this debilitating symptom and what can be done about it. Here are the answers to some back pain frequently asked questions received by our College Park chiropractor.

1. How does the structure of the back make it vulnerable to injury? 

Your back is a complex assembly of articulated vertebrae, vertebral discs, the spinal cord and its major nerve roots, and the large muscles that support the spine. If you experience any abnormal stress, damage or degeneration, you can easily end up with back pain.

2. What kinds of injuries can cause acute back pain? 

Back pain often results from a sharp impact to the body that dislodges the spinal alignment. This can strain the vertebral joints, herniated discs, and compress spinal nerve tissue.

3. Why am I experiencing chronic back pain? 

Chronic back pain may be due to a degenerative disorder. Bulging discs, for example, may compress nerve tissue and strain vertebral joints. Chronic alignment problems, poor posture at work, and overuse injuries in athletes can cause chronic back pain.

4. What are some common causes of upper back pain?

The upper back is most frequently challenged by a stooped otherwise abnormal posture that causes muscle and joint pain. Athletes and physical workers also tend to develop soft tissue pain due to repetitive motion injuries in this area.

5. I was in an auto accident, and the middle of my back is hurting. What happened? 

Three-point safety belts secure one shoulder, but not the other. This may allow your trunk to twist severely in an auto accident. This twisting can tear muscles and create alignment errors in the region of the thoracic spine.

6. What are the common causes of low back pain? 

Low back pain may be caused by an acute injury, such as pulled muscles from a lifting injury at work. Other factors include bulging/herniated discs, obesity, pregnancy, and untreated postural problems.

7. Why should I see your chiropractor for back pain? 

Our chiropractor can correct the alignment issues that so frequently cause back pain. We can also employ flexion distraction to help discs heal and return them to their proper positions.

8. Do you offer non-chiropractic back pain treatment? 

In addition to chiropractic care, we can provide you with corrective exercises, to rehabilitate soft tissues and strengthen your back muscles. We can also offer lifestyle advice to help you take better care of your back.

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