Neck Pain

Neck pain can be present on its own, but it is often accompanied by stiffness that adds another layer of distress. There are several causes of this pain, ranging from postural issues to serious traumatic injuries. Here are some of the main problems that a neck pain chiropractor may find during an examination.

woman suffering from neck pain

Postural Problems

Neck pain and stiffness are often caused by holding the head down for prolonged periods. It can be caused by doing activities that result in a pose that involves sitting or standing relatively straight while bending your neck to look down. Over time, the positions of the vertebrae in the neck can change to the point where a chiropractic adjustment is needed.

Text Neck

Thanks to this posture's strong association with texting, it is often known as "text neck." Text neck is mostly caused by pain in the ligaments and tendons of the neck. Having a chiropractor apply soft-tissue therapy will help with the healing. 


This common auto accident injury happens when the head is whipped back and forth from a rear impact. Strains and sprains in the neck result from this forceful motion and these injuries are often the cause of the pain that is felt. Damage to the discs of the cervical spine (the part in your neck) and misalignment of the vertebrae can also result.

Disc and Spine Degeneration

Deterioration of the spinal discs is a risk factor that increases with age, so it's possible for the back and neck to start hurting even in the absence of a specific injury. In these cases, the doctor will look for herniated discs, misalignments of the vertebrae, and signs of old, improperly-healed injuries. Then, a therapeutic program will be prescribed.


Here at Relief & Rehab Center of Atlanta, we offer several treatments for neck pain in College Park GA. Chiropractic treatments by Dr. Thomas are just the start. We also prescribe corrective exercises, proper set-up of your work area so you don't aggravate your condition, electrical muscle stimulation, and more. These treatments not only reduce the pain but can also correct the underlying issues so that it doesn't come back.

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