man holding neck because of whiplash pain with car accident in the background

Any kind of neck pain can prove debilitating, but whiplash can take you off the road for quite some time. This agonizing injury, a common consequence of auto accidents, can affect everything from your muscles and cervical vertebrae to the nerves that control your upper extremities. Prompt evaluation and treatment are necessary--and you can get that care at Relief & Rehab Center of Atlanta, your source for natural whiplash pain relief in College Park, GA.

Why Whiplash Happens

The lash of a whip is sharp, forceful, sudden, and extreme--all good descriptions of the motions of the neck and head that cause whiplash. While you can get whiplash from any powerful impact to the body, it is most notorious for its association with auto accidents. It doesn't take much momentum force to throw your head backward and forward, while your body remains restrained by your seatbelt. This produces hyperextension and hyperflexion in the neck. As your neck structures are stressed beyond their abilities, soft tissues tear or stretch, cervical vertebrae are pushed out of position, and cervical discs herniate, compressing nearby nerve roots.

Whiplash goes beyond neck pain, creating such diverse symptoms as jaw pain, headaches, blurred vision, tinnitus, memory problems, and cervical radiculopathy (neurological issues affecting the arms and hands). It's important to get your whiplash treated immediately. Studies show that the sooner you get help, the more effective that help is likely to be.

State-of-the-Art Care with our Auto Accident Injury Chiropractor

Our auto accident injury chiropractor, Dr. Thomas, can examine your neck carefully to note any cervical misalignment, disc/nerve problems, or muscle damage. We can then fashion a customized, all-natural healing program to help you get over your symptoms and regain normal function. Cervical chiropractic adjustments can reposition dislodged vertebrae, while spinal decompression can gently and painlessly ease the nerve compression caused by herniated discs. Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation can help your neck's issues back to normal. Meanwhile, our AllCore 360 therapy can help rehabilitate the core muscles in your back, abdomen, or other areas damaged by the accident.

Let Relief & Rehab Center of Atlanta Relieve Your Whiplash

Whiplash and other auto accident injury symptoms may take 48 hours or more to make themselves known, partly because the adrenaline of the event delays their onset. So even if you don't suffer from neck pain immediately following your auto accident, you still need to get checked. Call Relief & Rehab Center of Atlanta today at (404) 766-0676 to schedule a cervical spinal evaluation. Our College Park chiropractor can provide you with the treatment you need as soon as possible! 

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